goals of a newbie web designer

As autumn approaches, we prepare for a new school year, put away our shorts and bathing suits, and turn inward to reflect and do some soul work.

Here are 10 goals for a newbie web designer to set transformation into motion:

  1. Keep up with trends and new developments by reading industry blogs and news articles, daily
  2. Set aside time allotments to practice, at least, one online tutorial a week
  3. Network face-to-face with other web designers, and possible clients
  4. Participate in online forums and groups, make friends
  5. Share links and post comments on impressive or helpful web and blog sites
  6. Take classes, keep upgrading skills
  7. Participate in design contests
  8. Create lists to accomplish mini tasks (divide and conquer)
  9. During downtime, let ideas flow in the subconscious mind
  10. Enjoy the moment
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