thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love that turkey and cranberry – Yum! Well, after the festivities, it’s fun to shop online. Here is a roundup of 10 inventive internet finds of 2012. Some items are conceptual and unavailable for purchase. Happy Browsing!

camera blink

Camera Blink – conceptual camera that takes photos when you blink


Tactus – popup buttons for touchscreen devices


Sticky9 – Instagram magnets
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bear sleeping bag

Bear Sleeping Bag – conceptual – beary Funny!

digitalt shirt

Digital, Programable T-Shirt – conceptual, would you wear one?

thrustmaster ferarri joystick

Ferrari Joystick by Thrustmaster- gaming thrills

berg cloud mini printer

Little Printer by BergCloud – take anywhere, receipt-sized printouts

moleskin evernote

Moleskine Notebook + Evernote – sync handwritten notes and sketches to your computer

livescribe sky smart pen

Sky WiFi Smartpen by Livescribe – produce and save handwritten notes, sketches, and audio recordings to Evernote.


Shatoetry – iPhone app – William Shatner will recite your phrases.

Do any of these inventive ideas get your creative juices flowing? Enjoy the holidays and thank your loved ones for blessing your life! Cheers! Oh, and while we’re in a thankful mood, thank YOU for visiting my website and reading my posts!!!!

Banner: Keep Calm & Cranberry On – by Whipper Berry

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