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I find the Photoshop Batch Resize features handy in producing same sized images for image galleries, web stores or social media posts. Here are 2 ways to get consistent, specific image sizes:

Photoshop Script

1. In Photoshop, go to:
File > Scripts > Image Processor

2. Select a folder on your computer:

✔︎ Open first image to apply settings

Save in same location

3. File type:

✔︎Save as jpg
Quality: 8
✔︎ Convert profile to sRGB
✔︎ Resize to fit
Set your width and height specifications
For this example, I set the width and height to 500px x 2000px

4. ✔︎ Include ICC profile
Hit “Run”

Example: Images Needing a Specific Width

Use this technique to keep images proportional and prevent skewing.

Original Image: 705px x 455px
Set the width to: 500px and height to 2000px.
Resized to: 500px x 323px.
Squared to: 500px x 500px

For rectangle images needing a specific width, set the width (let’s say 500px) and give the height a dimension greater than the actual height of the images (let’s say 2000px). The computer will adjust each image to 500px wide, leaving the height proportional. Do the same for rectangle images needing a specific height. The resized images will automatically be saved in a folder names JPEG. If all the images are named the same, the computer will keep the name and assign an individual file number.

For rectangle images resized to square, white or solid backgrounds work best. Set your desired dimension on the longer length. Batch resize. Then, increase the canvas size of the shorter length to match. You may have to manipulate the background color or texture.

Note: Avoid scaling images up in size, which results in blurry, pixelated images. Scaling down image sizes retains resolution and clarity.

Photoshop Export As

Here’s a quick work around to keep product image names intact when doing a Batch Resize.

From Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Go to: File > Script > Load Files Into Stacks > Browse
  2. Shift click to select images (Do 20 at a time to prevent system crash)
  3. Click Open > OK

This retains file names and puts all images into PS layers.

NOTE: Loading Files into Stacks retains Clipping Masks of each image – great for making png’s. This method does not load each layered image as a Smart Object, therefore, pixelation loss may occur if the images are resized. Remember to convert each layered image to a Smart Object.

From Photoshop

  1. Select all images in Layers Palette
  2. Right Click > Export As
  3. Select all images on the left panel > Adjust width and height of image and canvas
  4. Export All
  5. (To preview each image before batch resizing, click each individually on the left panel)

NOTE: This only works with images on white or solid color background.

Feel free to change this workaround to suit your needs. Export As is a new PS feature and you might have to do some tweeking.

For making pngs

  1. Mask out the background of each layered image
  2. Make the bottom background layer, in the layers palette, black to easily preview masked areas and any unwanted stray marks of each layer
  3. Select all layers in layers palette (except the black background layer)
  4. Right Click > Export As
  5. Select png in the drop down menu and determine if you want a transparent background

If you have any process improvements, I’d love to hear about them. 🙂

I highly recommend Photoshop Batch Resize methods for resizing large quantities of images. These techniques, especially handy for web design, cut down production time.

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