summer 2013 banner animate

As Bern Williams once said,

“If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it
invented romance.”

Here’s a short tutorial on Adobe Photoshop CS6 3-D Type. Use this effect to create an eye popping banner for your blog or website.

Type text

3d before

Go to Type/Extrude to 3-D/Switch to 3-D Workspace

3d mode

In 3-D mode, adjust the rotation, drop shadow, depth of field, perspective, mesh, lighting and other effects to your liking.

3d palette

If you wish, select the type tool and edit the font, size, or color of the type.
When you are finished, Go to: File/Save for Web

3d after

Or, hit Render (This process takes awhile depending on your computer speed and the size of your file). You can also animate the 3-D with the Photoshop Timeline. Options are available to export to Flash, Google Earth and Wave Front. For this tutorial, I created an animated GIF. Can you think of ways to inspire your website with 3-D Type?


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