winter cat banner camera raw

Sometimes people get in a reflective mood during winter, a time to reminisce about the past year and look forward and plan for the new year ahead. Here is an Adobe Camera Raw Antique Effect tutorial to age your photos. Play with the settings and add your own unique effects to create a winter banner for your blog or website.

camera raw

First, open a photo in Adobe Bridge. Click Camera Raw.

basic tone

Basic Adjustments:
Temperature: 60 (gives sepia tone)
Clarity: 40
Vibrance: 100
Saturation: +1

Tone Curve: (softens the image)
Shadow: 40

lens correction effects

Lens Correction:
Defringe: All Edges
Lens Vignetting: (darkens corners)
Amount: -100

FX Effects:
Grain: (adds grain)
Amount: 30
Size: 25
Roughness: 50

Post Crop Vignetting: (darkens corners)
Amount: -30
Roundness: 100
Feather: 50

Use this tutorial to inspire your blog or website with antique photo effects, which conjure warm memories and hope for the future. Happy Holidays!

(cat photo by clickwowdesigns)

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