summer banner 2012

Nelson Mandela once said,

“Let freedom reign.
The sun never set on so glorious
a human achievement.”

All hail the Sun! Summer sizzles with plenty of sunny days. Brighten your web designs with a little sunshine and an Adobe Illustrator CS5.5 Scribble Tutorial. To achieve the Scribble Effect, follow these easy steps:

scribble effect

  1. Draw a line with the Line segment Tool.
  2. Pick a color for the line stroke.
  3. Go to: Effect/Stylize/Scribble

  4. scribble options

  5. Choose a Setting: (Custom, Default, Childlike, Dense, Loose, Moiré, Sharp, Sketch, Snarl, Swash, Tight, Zig-Zag).
  6. Click Preview to see the Scribble Effect.
  7. Click OK.
  8. You’ve now got a scribble!

Experiment with the various line options and settings on the Scribble Options panel. Have fun in the sun and run with the Adobe Illustrator Scribble Effect.

PS – Here are some photos from the Adobe CS6 launch.

adobe cs6 launch

jack davis adobe CS6

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