adobe muse

The intuitive Adobe Muse (code name) is a breeze to learn, if you know Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. The program enables you to put together basic websites with a WYSISWG canvas, and automatically generates HTML5 and CSS3 code for you. The easy-to-learn Adobe Muse interface takes you through a 4-step process to create a website:

  1. Plan

    Here you organize the structure of your site and name your pages, using a simple tree diagram

  2. Design

    You can use the Muse text editor and widgets, along with Photoshop graphic images in this phase

  3. Preview

    See your site, fully operational

  4. Publish

    You can save your site in HTML on your computer, or upload it directly to the web at this point

Currently, you can download Adobe Muse for free (in beta) – see the link above. The official version will come out in 2012 on a subscription basis. Adobe will also offer hosting.

Two thumbs up for Adobe Muse, the new hassle-free web design tool – perfect for web designers who don’t want to deal with coding. Let this program inspire you to create visually stunning web designs.

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