jcp air

In praise of fresh air, JC Penny’s (JCP) has a new, rebranded online and brick-and-mortar image. Out with the stale and in with some fresh air. Take to the air with inspiration from jcp. Here are some images from the jcp website that reflect the air theme.

jcp balloons

Air-filled balloons pop with color on the February online catalog.

jcp airplane

An airplane flees February's bitter cold air.

jcp kite

A kite soars up in the air on the March online catalog.

jcp kids

A breeze of sea air energizes active kids.

jcp window

Air in the April catalog.

jcp white

White feels right, light as air.

jcp may heart

Love is in the air at JCP.

jcp logo

The jcp logo also has a new look. While, abstractly, depicting a square American flag, the jcp logo coincides with their tagline, “fair and square.” Furthermore, the square jcp logo competes head-to-head with the circular Target logo. Will jcp be the next heir to the retail throne? Observing jcp’s metamorphosis will be fun!

jcp website

Check out jcp’s colorful, bright and airy website.

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