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I collaborated with Arbonne associates to product holiday packaging social media assets for 4 countries. There were a total of 14 different images to size for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. and Print. To streamline production time, I used Photoshop artboards. Here’s the “recipe”:

artboards social media assets

  1. Start with a template comprised of 5 artboards, sized for each social media platform (i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter Header, Instagram, and Print)
  2. For each artboard, create a logo folder (4 different logos in this example).
  3. Place Embed an image onto an artboard.
  4. In the Layers palette, copy the image 4 times
  5. Copy the name of the image onto each artboard folder, followed by the social media platform (i.e.. holidayPackaging_Pintrest). The final jpg images will be saved with the artboard folder names.
  6. Place the image onto each artboard, along with the appropriate country logo. (i.e. Poland logo for this example)
  7. Select all artboard layers in the Layers Palette > right click > Export As

artboards social media assets export as

On the Export As task space, select all layers on the left panel> Change the suffix for each country (i.e. _PL) > Choose jpg format > Export All

The image will be saved according to each of the 5 social media sizes. Next, keep the same image and repeat the process for each country, changing the logo accordingly.

For the next image, right click on the image smart object icon in the Layers Palette > Replace Contents. BOOM – all 5 images on your art boards will change automatically to the new image that you select.

Adobe Photoshop artboards and Export As save time and cater to the needs of interactive designer. My teammates and I love these new Photoshop tools. Hope you are using them in your web designing process.


How to Design with Artboards – Adobe

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