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Did you know that Sunday, March 31 was World Backup Day? Invented 3 years ago by Reddit, WBD raises awareness of backing up important files to prevent loss from system crashes, malware, or fatal accidents. In honor of WBD, let’s discuss, Backup Buddy, a WordPress plugin, which enables you to back up, restore, and move WordPress files with ease.

backup buddy backup

Backup all your WordPress files, widgets, themes, plugins and SQL databases to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rockspace Cloud, FTP, email or desktop. An online video explains the basics. Schedule your backups.

backup buddy Restore

If you experience server crashes, malware, hacks, or a broken site, restore your WordPress site with import buddy.php and your backup file.

backup buddy move

Move a WordPress site from a test server to a client domain. Use Magic Migration from your WordPress dashboard.

backup buddy pricing

Choose a pricing option: Dev Suite, Developer, Business, or Personal.

Don’t risk losing all your WordPress files and hours of work. Get backed up with Backup Buddy.


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