saddleback 1 web design homepage

In the distant past, my mind and heart got jolted with web design love as I created projects for the Saddleback College web design certificate program. For my first homepage, I used a full screen image (not the best solution). Following are some more screenshots of my schoolwork:

saddleback 2 css homepage

CSS designed homepage for the Saddleback Web Design classes. Notice the curved tab nav bar.

saddleback 8 javascript image gallery

JavaScript image gallery.

A Tribute to Flash

I had lots of fun with Flash animation. Good-bye my friend. May you RIP 2020! 😂

saddleback 3 flash animated homepage fairy

Flash animated homepage.

saddleback 3 flash animated homepage reveal

Flash animated menu page listing my Flash projects.

saddleback 4 flash animated homepage

Flash animated homepage listing my Flash projects.

saddleback 5 flash animated tv

Flash animated TV displaying Flash functions.

saddleback 6 flash animated color transform

Flash animated color transform.

saddleback 7 flash animated nemo

Flash animated Nemo.

This educational endeavor put me in a web design frenzy and electrified me with inspiration as I sent forth to put my mark online.

My blog and work assignments stem from the web design experience gained from taking classes. Thank you teachers!

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