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Inspired by the beautiful food photography found on the web, I designed the Cakes and Bakes eMail Newsletter to share a fictitious chef’s monthly recipes. I used the Rule of Thirds and a grid to layout my text and images in Adobe Illustrator.

Since the Western world reads from left to right, I placed the important, main information – the recipes – on the left, while including the chef’s information on the right of the page.

To appeal to a mainly female audience, pink and grey accents play off the sweet nature of the baked goods.

Customized copy can replace the Lorum Ipsum, placeholder text. I used the font, Bellota, to give the body copy a feminine, cake-docorated feel.

The images are from Free Images and edited in Photoshop.

enewsletter logos

The fonts: Pacifico, Sverige Script Decorated, and Ferrica-Light inspired typographical logo ideas.

Do you need a custom eMail Newsletter recipe design? I can help. 🙂


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