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Jules Verne once said,

“I believe cats to be
spirits come to earth.
A cat, I am sure,
could walk on a cloud
without coming through.”

Cats are fiercely independent, feisty, cute, cuddly, mysterious, expert cat nappers, and favored amongst Egyptian Gods. For your cat fancy, here is a collage I put together with images found on the web of: iPad games for cats, iPad cat skins, Love Cats, Stray Cats, A Cat in Paris, The Cat Returns, and iPad cat cases:

cat collage

More Cat Love:

Viral Cat Doodler Video

I want to draw a cat for you:

Cute Cat Collar and Tags

Cat Collar Charm Tag



lol cats Homepage – website with funny cat photos and captions

Snoopy the Cat

snoopy cat



Yogurtland Hello Kitty Summer Promo

If you are in Minneapolis, MN, on August 30, 2012 (tonight!), The Walker Art Center is sponsoring the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, a collection of online cat video memes.

Can you use cats as design inspiration for your blog or website? Which do you favor more – cats or dogs?

PS – Have a Happy Blue Moon Night!

cat eye moon

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