As we soon say “good-bye” to another school year, we say “hello” to chalkboards as web design inspiration. Before the digital age, teachers hand wrote lecture notes with chalk on chalkboards. Now, we can recreate that hand drawn feel. Here’s how:

Excerpts from this Adobe Photoshop chalkboard tutorial.

  1. Place a chalkboard background on your canvas.
  2. Type text.
  3. Add a textured overlay to your text:
  4. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Pattern Overlay > Choose a crumpled paper pattern and set the opacity to 25.

  5. Add noise to make the text grainy:
  6. Rasterize the text. Then, go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise > Amount 25 > Uniform.

  7. Finally, use the eraser brush with 25% opacity to swipe through the text and chalkboard background.

Do you notice chalkboard art on the web? How about chalk art in the streets? Inspire your websites with old-school chalkboards and chalk.

chalk Go You

chalk you Can


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