google Chrome

A new year, a new browser? Well, folks I have tried Google Chrome. Let the browser wars begins (again). I love, love, love Firefox, but I have to admit the Google Chrome Web Store is AWESOME! The list of free extension apps never ends.

google web Store

Here are some extensions I added to my Chrome:

Google Dictionary – definitions without leaving the browser screen

Screen Capture – jpg or png; entire page, or visible content screenshots

Stylish – browser themes

google stylish

Stylish – browser themes

There are many more extensions for you to discover, including: Ad Block, Audio News Articles, Shopping Comparison, and on and on! Once you add an extension, click on the icon for that extension in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window to access it.

dictionary and extension icons

dictionary and extension icons

Well, my heart is torn. Firefox or Chrome? Hmmm…no need to choose between the two…I will have BOTH!

(Bing and Safari, I love you too!)

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