Even though I love my HP PC and it got me through 2 years of Web Design classes, I decided to get an iMac.


The first thing I noticed was the custom packaging that the iMac came in. It reminded me of Japanese package design, engineered to delight and wow the user.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual also also delights, in it’s simple writing style and easy explanations.

OS X Lion

The OS X Lion operating system runs smoothly and lightening fast, not a bit clunky or sluggish. The organization of the system enables me to intuitively navigate to files and programs.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The Magic Mouse, designed with curved lines and touch-pad capabilities, works wonderfully. But, to save batteries, I opted for a wired keyboard and mouse, instead.

For the past 15 years, I have used PC keyboard hot keys and shortcuts, so getting use to the iMac keyboard took some time.


To view, locate, and organize my Photoshop files, I find myself using Adobe Bridge more with OS X Lion than with Windows. Multitasking and switching from program to program flows very smoothly and effortlessly with OS X Lion.


The iMac has a feature that partitions the operating system between OS X Lion and Windows. Initially, I thought this would aid in transitioning from PC to Mac. But, before loading Windows 7 and bogging down my new computer, I decided to keep the iMac pure and simple. I promptly returned the Windows software and kept the operating system 100% OS X Lion. My co-worker commented that,

“Partitioning the iMac is like mixing a Ford with a Ferrari.”


All in all, I feel very fortunate to own an iMac. At first, the beauty of the machine intimidated me. I did not want to wear it out or get it dirty. It looks like a piece of art or fine furniture, adding life to an otherwise utilitarian workspace.


How do you like your Apple product? Has it’s beauty held you back from using it, or has it inspired you to create awesome work? Please share your comments.

mac os x lion the missing manual

PS – The Mac OS X Lion – the missing manual is an excellent, well-writen reference book.

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