content aware fill

Take a look at the new Photoshop CS5 feature, Content Aware Fill:

  1. Start with a photo with an element you wish to remove
  2. Use the Marquee Tool to select the undesirable area:
  3. before content aware fill

  4. Go to Content Aware Fill: Edit/Fill/Use: Content-Aware/OK:
  5. content aware fill palette

    Play around with you selection. Different selection sizes and shapes create different results

  6. Finished Image:
  7. after content aware fill

Note: Content Aware Fill works best with areas having a unified pattern, color or texture. The computer matches the selected area with surrounding pixels. The tool works best when you alter small sections at a time. Have fun experimenting with this time saver. Hope this inspires you to use Content Aware Fill to make quick photo edits to your graphic or web designs.

Photo by clickwowdesigns

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