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Adobe Kuler, a Photoshop CS6 extension, enables you to create custom color palettes. Here’s a short tutorial explaining the Adobe Kuler color wheels.

From Photoshop go to: Window/Extensions/Kuler
Start with a base color then select from the following options:

kuler color wheels 1

Analogous: Colors next to each other on the color wheel
Monochromatic: One color family
Triad: 3 colors equal distance apart

kuler color wheel 2

Complimentary: 2 opposite colors on the color wheel
Compound: Opposite pairs of colors on the color wheel
Shades: Values of the same color
Custom: Choose any color on the color wheel

After creating a color palette, save the color theme to swatches or share them on the Adobe Kuler website. Experiment with this tool to come up with vibrant color combinations to inspire your websites, buttons, or icons. Have Fun!

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