cross process border

Cross Processing occurs when the wrong chemical combinations are used to develop film. This results in an artificial, altered-reality, high-contrast, Wes Anderson look. Here’s how to achieve this effect using Photoshop.

cross process original

Start with a photo
Click the “create new fill or new adjustment layer” icon in the Layers palette and select Curves.

cross process red green

Select the Red channel and create an S curve.
Select the Green channel and create another S curve.

cross process blue color
Select the Blue channel and drag the top-right point down and the bottom-left point up.
Change the Blending Mode to Color on the Curves layer

To create a Yellow Cast:

Click the “create new fill or new adjustment layer,” icon in the Layers palette.
Choose Solid color.
Select a yellow-green color and click OK.
Reduce the opacity to 10%.

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