project decor fortune

May the Lunar New Year bring you good fortune. Let’s examine color symbolism in the Chinese culture, through my Project Decor pin board.

Since red symbolizes good luck and fortune in Chinese eyes, I used red pillows in my pin board.

To symbolize wealth, I used a faux gold lotus blossom, vase, rug and lamp.

Although white symbolizes death in the Chinese culture, when paired with black, it symbolizes yin-yang harmony. (I hope I do not offend anyone with the minimal, white elements of the furniture).

Finally, to represent heaven and the winter months, I used a black couch and storage pieces.

So, that’s a loose interpretation of my pin board. As you can see, color has different meaning in different cultures. Remember to do research before designing and marketing in other countries. Have a happy Lunar New Year. Let’s hear it for the Year of the Horse!

Please Note: I get a small commission when you purchase items from my pin boards on Project Decor.

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