In the United States, comic books first appeared around 1933 as reprints of newspaper comic strips. Comic book artists drew each scene by hand, creating visual stories, which often reflected the times. Many people embrace the artwork and collect printed comic books professionally or as a hobby.

To enhance storytelling, enrich visual stimuli, and incorporate modern technology with a traditional art form, digital comic books are now available.

Will you embrace this new medium? Will you access digital comics on mobile devices? Would you like interactivity with digital comics? Which do you prefer – print or digital comics?

DC Digital Comics


wonder woman

Marvel Digital Comics

marvel comics

Stan Lee – Chakra

stan lee chakra

New Indian Superhero - Chakra - by Stan Lee

Soul Reaper

soul reaper

First HTML5 Scroll Activated Digital Comic Book

Remember to mark your calendar for July 12-15, Comic Con 2012.

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