duotone halftone screen

Duotones consist of 2 colors, which can dramatically create a mood. Use this effect in your website carousel or banner to evoke a retro, nostalgic feel.

  1. Start with an RGB image. Important: Size to required dimensions.
  2. pseudo farm

  3. Convert Image to Grayscale: Image/Mode/Grayscale
  4. Convert Image to Bitmap: Image/Mode Bitmap:
  5. bitmap halftone

    Make sure Method is set to Halftone Screen. Set the Output to 72 px/in. Note: the higher the Output number, the finer and more detailed the screen.

  6. Convert Image to Grayscale: Image/Mode/Grayscale
  7. Convert Image to Duotone: Image/Mode/Duotone:
  8. duotone

    Play with Ink 1 and Ink 2. Choose your favorite colors. Alter the curves to your liking. Create a certain mood with your color choices.

  9. Finished Image:

duotone halftone effect
Note: Rotating or resizing Halftone Screen images causes moiré patterns. Size or rotate your image at the beginning of your graphic or web design project – make it your first step.
Photo by clickwowdesigns

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