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To start the new year on a healthy note, let’s visit the Sprouts Market (formerly, Henry’s Market) website, which (in 2011) had a very entertaining and animated Flash interface. Sprouts recently de-Flashed and changed their website, becoming compatible with all devices and computers. For web design inspiration, let’s study the former Flash Sprouts website, as well as, take a peek at the newly designed site.

Before (All Flash website)

A farm scene filled the homepage, with navigational links creatively displayed among the graphic elements.

sprouts location

The Location page featured an interactive US map. Embedded Google maps aided your search for a market near you.

sprouts recipes

To spice up the site and make things interesting, a Recipes page contained how-to instructions for seasonal, healthy, delicious meal ideas.

sprouts specials

An interactive, page-turning flyer displayed the Weekly Specials. This simplified shopping on a budget, with discount prices conveniently emphasized.

The Flash Spouts website gave you information in an entertaining way. The bounce rate for this site must have been fairly low, considering all the fun, interactive items to look at. Can you use the elements, on this former site, as web design inspiration?

After (non-Flash website)

 sprouts new homepage

The new Sprouts homepage has a nostalgic, farm fresh feel with a classic produce truck postcard as a focal point. A catchy headline, “Healthy Living for Less,” tantalizes you to further investigate the site.

 sprouts new locations

The Location page lists all the Sprouts addresses, links to weekly specials, along with links to embedded Google Maps.

 sprouts new recipes

The Recipes page lists recipes in a blog format.

sprouts new weekly specials

A flip-through flyer displays the Weekly Specials. This feature has a Flash or HTML option for viewing.

Overall, the new Spouts website has visual appeal and functionality, with a quick load time and easy updating methods. What do you think of the Sprouts makeover? Does something get lost in transformation? Does functionality trump fashion? Are Flash websites a thing of the past? What insights can you gain from comparing the 2 websites?

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