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Videezy offers FREE HD Stock Video for your creative use. Use video on your blog or website to:

  • Give Instructions
  • Demo A Product
  • Showcase an Event
  • Highlight Services
  • Entertain and Amuse

Many of the video clips on Videezy make the perfect background on which to layer animated text or graphics over. The Videezy stock videos can also be used as transition material in between your own clips.

videezy free stock footage

Browse for free stock footage by searching categories such as: Animals and Wildlife; Fire and Smoke; or Time Lapse.

videezy download sunset

With just one click, you will receive a free video download in mp4 format. You can then import the video into Flash or iMovie to create your own masterpiece.

You can also contribute to the Videezy community by uploading your video clips to share and promote.

With Videezy as your source, you can quickly and easily produce professional videos.

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PS – With the recent cyber attacks on U.S. banks, Cybergeddon,” entertains with relevant, timely material. Have you watched any episodes? What do you think? Can you inspire your videos with the current zeitgeist?


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