Not only does your website have to have visual appeal, it needs to function properly. Your website should comply with this functionality basic checklist:

  1. All internal hyperlinks work
  2. All external hyperlinks work
  3. All forms function as expected
  4. No error messages are generated by the pages

functionality google analytics

Besides all your website pages functioning properly, the goal or purpose of the site needs to deliver. Google Analytics takes functionality to the next level. With Google Analytics you can monitor the number of unique visitors, page hits and time spent on your site. Google Analytics answers the question: “Is my website working for me?”

Google Analytics also tracks:

  • Sales and Conversions – Measure leads and conversions to sales
  • Ecommerce – Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords
  • Mobile – Track web-enabled phones, mobile websites and mobile apps

Theses are some of the basic Google Analytic features. Advanced analysis tools are also available.


Test your website on all browsers. Are there any bugs? Here are links to cross-browser tests. You can also test content on mobile devices with Adobe Shadow.

functionality clueapp

The 5 Second Rule also determines the functionality of your site. Your load time should be less than 1 second and users should get the gist of the site in 5 seconds. Clue tests users by asking them to view a screenshot of your site for 5 seconds and report what they see. Use this feedback to determine if your website’s purpose is clear. Do others understand the value you offer? Do they “get it” in 5 seconds?


Website functionality can be measured on many levels. Do your pages function properly? Are your Google Analytic measurement goals being met? Do you have cross-browser functionality? How does it look on multiple devices? Does your site pass the 5 Second Rule? Use functionality to inspire well-working websites.

For more thoughts on functionality, click: Essential Browser Tools For Web Development.

(Bug Photo by clickwowdesigns)

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