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The UCLA Communication Studies major has always been very difficult to get into. With persistence, passion, determination, hard work and a dream, I got in. Here’s how:

  • Met all the standard high school requirements for applying to a UC school
  • High school cheerleader all four years
  • Independent study art
  • Service projects
  • Overcame personal issues
  • Appealed my UCLA rejection letter
  • Applied to UCLA my sophomore year of college as a transfer student (applied to UC San Diego as my second choice)
  • Took all the pre-requisite UCLA Comm classes at UC Irvine, getting mostly A’s
  • Wrote for the UCI student newspaper and interviewed Buzz Aldrin on one of my assignments
  • Involved in many extracurricular activities
  • Took a UCI – UCLA intercollegiate mail delivery van twice a week to attend Comm 10 at UCLA during my freshman summer break

Once I got in, I cried with joy believing it was my destiny. Fast forward to today and sometimes I regret all the effort that went into fulfilling my dream.

But, take it from me, if you have a goal, stick to it. Don’t give up. Go for it. Nothing beats the satisfying feeling of achieving something you’ve strived for.

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