dropbox 3 uses

I love the Dropbox app. Here are 3 ways I utilize the tool.

  1. Transfer photos – Often times I like to enhance my photos on my iMac or iPad, using various apps or software programs. Dropbox enables me to work on one project, from both my tablet and desktop.
  2. Read pdf’s – Often times I will purchase or download publications in pdf format. Dropbox allows me to read pdf’s on both desktop or tablet. Personally, I favor reading on my tablet, in a reclined position.
  3. Portfolio – When interviewing for a web or graphic design job, I like to display samples of my work, stored in a Dropbox folder. I can either share my folder via an emailed link or present my portfolio, on my tablet, during an interview.

These are the 3 ways I use the invaluable Dropbox app. How do you use Dropbox?


Simplify Your Life – Dropbox
6 handy iOS apps linked to Dropbox:
Paperless – Create and organize lists
CloudOn– Mobile Microsoft Office
Day One Journal – Mobile diary
JotNot Scanner Pro – Use your phone as a portable scanner
Cue – Mobile day planner

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