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Do you ever have repetitive tasks to perform, while building websites – like sizing images to a certain dimension and converting them to jpg format? Well, the Mac OS X Automator can help you automate your workflow. Here’s how:
(For Intermediate level MAC users)

mac automator service

Go to: Finder/Applications/Automator/Double-click Services
Service receives selected: (“image files, in any application” for demo)
Next, drag actions or files (on the left) to build your workflow (panel on the right)

mac automator panel

Drag the following:
Crop Image – Set dimensions (“400×300” for demo)
Copy Finder Items (“Desktop” for demo)
Change Type of Image (“jpg” for demo)

File/Save/Name the Service/Click Save

To Apply Automation:

Right click on any image (on the Desktop, Finder, or Anywhere)
Select: Services/Your New Service
Enjoy your “jpg” image cropped to “400×300,” saved on your Desktop.

mac automator black background

Note: IF the dimensions of your image are smaller than “400×300,” Automator will default by adding a black background to the image, filling in the necessary dimension space – ideal for Gallery Images!

To Edit Service:

Right click on the Automator Desktop Icon, select the service you created. Make edits.

The Mac OS X comes with many Automator Actions. Try them out. You can also custom build actions by recording and saving your own procedures and steps. Save time and automate your workflow. Hope this inspires you to make your web design process quicker and easier!

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