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Listening to feedback regarding your designs, often times, sparks new avenues or creative solutions to take. Your colleagues’ comments may motivate you to push the boundaries a little further, opening the doors to breakthrough innovation.

Here are some listening tips to get the most out of feedback:

1. Be open to receive criticism

Open your mind. Give your colleagues full attention when they give you feedback. Let their words fuel your creative juices.

2. Don’t take comments personally

Remember as a kid you use to say, “Stick and Stone will break my bones but, Words will never hurt me?” Keep that in mind. Feedback does not equate a boxing match.

3. Don’t get offensive

If you feel you have to justify a design decision, professionally explain why you made it and leave it at that.

4. Control emotional responses

If your colleagues push a nerve button, relax, take a deep breath and silently count to three. Think of feedback as college critique sessions – only there to help you grow.

5. Analyze what is said

Use feedback to your advantage. Absorb ideas from colleagues. Take notes, if you have to. Look at your work, from your colleagues’ perspective. Try to creatively incorporate feedback into improving your designs.

6. Give thanks for the input

Graciously thank you colleagues for their time and input on your work. Their words are gifts to you. Cherish them!


Don’t cover your ear, listen to peers.


The author of this article has a BA in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication.

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