summer banner 2011 watercolor ipad

You can use this Summer Banner on your blog or website to highlight fun summertime photos. Feel free to experiment and change it up a bit! Have fun!

With Adobe Eazel on your iPad:

• Create blue swish, using big brush and medium opacity
• Create handwritten texting, using very tiny brush, dark grey color, no opacity
• Create yellow swirly pattern, using various brush sizes, colors and opacity

With Photoshop on your computer:

  1. Put blue swish on bottom layer
  2. Put yellow pattern on top layer
  3. Create “Summer” text above yellow layer
  4. Control + Click text icon, on Layers Palette, to select text
  5. Turn off text layer
  6. Select yellow layer, make sure marching ants (text selection) is still present
  7. Create Mask (click on “add layer mask” at bottom of Layers Palette)

You should now have a watercolor text effect. Add a drop shadow, if you like.

To create basic scotch tape effect:

  1. Create a rectangle
  2. Fill it with a color
  3. Set opacity to 50%
  4. Create zigzag edges with Polygonal Lasso Tool
  5. Create drop shadow (Distance: 2px; Spread: 0%; Size: 2px)
  6. Put handwritten text on layer above tape
  7. Rotate slightly
  8. Save as PNG for best results


Adobe® Eazel for Photoshop® – Adobe

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