gold text

Let alchemy inspire your web designs. Here’s how to create Gold Text in Photoshop:

  1. Create White text (above Background Layer), name the layer “Gold”
    Bevel/Emboss: Apply to Gold Layer
    Style: Inner Bevel
    Technique: Chisel Hard
    Depth: 150px
    Size: 20px
    Soften: 15px
    Angle: 120
    Altitude: 55
  2. Curves: Create a new Curves Layer with 2 points on the curve
    1st point:
    Output: 170; Input: 39
    2nd point:
    Output: 53; Input: 207
  3. Hue/Saturation: Create a new Hue/Sat Layer
    Check Colorize
    Hue: 38
    Saturation: 59
    Lightness: 25
  4. Create a new layer above “Gold” layer
  5. Turn off all layers, except “Gold” and “New Layer” (empty layer)
  6. Merge Visible (“Gold” and New Layer)
  7. Turn on all layers
  8. On the Layers Palette, Alt + Click between “Gold” and Curves (when you Alt + Click, you should see double circles and an arrow)
  9. On the Layers Palette, Alt + Click between Curves and Hue/Sat
  10. Make Background Layer Black

To add sparkle to your web designs, use gold text.

Portions of this web design tutorial were inspired and adapted from Fred Lenny.

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