butterfly brush photoshop cs5

You can create beautiful collages with Photoshop Brushes. Just layer a few on top of each other, with varying sizes, color and opacity. Bring your website to life with this creative tool.

Here’s how to create Photoshop Brushes:

  1. Create a black and white image
  2. Go to Edit/Define Brush Preset
  3. Name your brush
  4. Click on the Brush Tool in the Toolbar
  5. Choose a Foreground Color
  6. Go to Brush Preset Picker at top of Option Bar
  7. Select the Brush you just created
  8. Enter Size in pixels
  9. Hit Enter on your keyboard
  10. Click on your canvas to apply your brush
  11. Ctrl T to transform: Alter Size and Rotate
  12. Alter Opacity
  13. Optional: Add an Adobe Eazel Watercolor Background

To export your brushes:

  1. Go to Edit/Preset Manager
  2. Preset Type: Brushes
  3. Select all the brushes you created, using the Shift key
  4. Save by hitting Save Select button
  5. Save the brushes as .abr files

To save and load brushes (.abr files) on your PC:

Go to: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Brushes

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