Firefox Golden Butterfly Theme Close-Up

Firefox Golden Butterfly Theme Close-Up

Add some color to your browser with Firefox Persona Plus – easy-to-use themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox.

firefox personas

Firefox Persona Homepage

  1. Just rollover the theme you would like to preview on your browser
  2. Click “Wear It,” to apply the theme
firefox golden butterfly

Firefox Golden Butterfly Theme

Some Persona Features:

  • Over 35,000 designs
  • Choose favorites and switch anytime
  • Create your own design

A Few Butterfly Persona Themes


butterfly burst

butterfly dance

butterfly dreams and bubbles

night lights

butterfly day dreamers1

More Ideas:

You can further customize your Firefox Toolbar by adding buttons or fields; deleting, rearranging, or organizing items; or whatever!

Have fun with Firefox!

PS – Do you like the Firefox Golden Butterfly Theme? To experience real, live butterfly bliss, click: Butterfly Pavilion, Los Angeles. (Through Sept 3).

Click to listen to my favorite butterfly song: I am Your Butterfly –


Firefox Persona Plus – Updated Firefox plugin.

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