godiva coffee cup art

A Haiku poem by clickwowdesigns:

“Coffee inspires
Web Design becomes easy
With a Java Jolt!”

Here’s how to make a torn edge effect, using the coffee cup image, as an example:

First tear a coffee cup shape out of white paper. Take a photo of it, against a black background. See example below:

torn edges coffee cup effect

Put each item number on a separate layer in Photoshop.

For item 1:

  1. Select item 1 with the Magic Wand tool
  2. Fill it with Brown color
  3. Create a white swirl, using the pencil tool at 100% opacity
  4. Gaussian Blur the swirl
  5. Lighten opacity at this point, if desired

For item 2:

  1. Put an image of your favorite coffee brand label under the item 2 layer
  2. Select item 2 with the Magic Wand tool
  3. Turn off item 2 layer
  4. Select Label layer, making sure the marching ants selection is still present
  5. Create a Mask by clicking, “Add a Layer Mask,” at the bottom of the layers palette

For item 3:

  1. Follow steps for item 2, but use an image of coffee beans to add variation to the composition

Embellish further with hand drawn swirls, an Adobe Eazel watercolor background, or anything your heart desires.

Enjoy your coffee and while you’re at it, try using a torn edge effect on your blog or website.

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