Let’s get batty and create a bat using only circles and Adobe illustrator.

bat circles

First, use the example above to draw circles, using Adobe Illustrator. 4 circles create the wings, 3 circles create the eyes, and 2 circles create the ears.

bat pathfinder minus front

Next, select all the circles for the wings. Go to Pathfinder/Shape Modes/Minus Front. Repeat for the eyes and ears. Fill the newly created shapes with black. Assemble your bat.

bat final

Can you use circles to inspire a bat, or other designs for your website?

To create a text blend:

bat text blend

Choose a font (A Dripping Marker).
Type text and duplicate it, making one version black and the other, yellow.
Duplicate the yellow text, making 2 different font sizes.
Align the 2 yellow text vertical and horizontal.
Arrange the larger yellow text to the front.
Select the 2 yellow text.
Go to: Object/Blend/Blend Options/Spacing: Specified Steps 100/OK.
Go to: Object/Blend/Make.
You now have an yellow text blend.
Align the black text vertically and horizontally in front of the yellow blend.

You can also use the Adobe Illustrator Blend Tool:

blend tool

Double click the Blend Tool on the toolbar.
Pick either: Smooth Color, Specific Steps, or Specified Distance.
Hit OK.
Click the first object, then the second, to blend them together.


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