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Do you ever have make Photoshop selections around thin strands of hair? I tried the Photoshop Select and Mask Task Space to make this task easy. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Make a quick selection with the Lasso Tool.
  2. From the Option Bar click “Select Mask.”
  3. Go to View Mode.
  4. Select from the view drop-down menu: “On Black.”
  5. Slide the transparent slider all the way to the right.
  6. Select the Refine Edge Brush.
  7. Click and Drag on the edges of the Fur/Hair area.
  8. photoshop select and mask

    Select and Mask Task Space

  9. Click OK to return to Photoshop.
photoshop select and mask marching ants

Marching Ants indicating a selection

When you return to Photoshop, you get the marching ants indicating a selection. From here you can make a mask, invert the selection, add a new background, or go back to the select and mask task space to refine or modify your selection further.

Hair selections don’t have to be a hairy situation. Try this technique on your next web design project.

Dog Image Source: Google Images


Refine edge video – Video tutorial

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