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As Dale Carnegie once said,

“When dealing with people,
remember you are not dealing
with creatures of logic,
but creatures of emotion.”

These days robots and monkeys can learn to perform work related tasks.

Robot Learns to Flip Pancakes (Video):

Monkey Worker in Japanese Restaurant (Video)

Does your website look like it was designed by a robot or monkey? (the possible, future workforce)

Here are 5 tips to humanize your website:

  1. Use Friendly Language

    Try to write your copy in the same tone as your speaking voice. Use simple sentences with plenty of action verbs and colorful descriptions. Avoid overly technical jargon and explanations.

  2. Emotional Images

    Images can stir emotions and connect viewers on an unconscious level. Create a reaction with your photos – make them purposeful. Strike a nerve and set a mood with your images.

  3. Value

    Often times a viewer will visit your website with a mission. Try to fill a need or provide useful, valuable information. Satisfy the time spent on your website with gold nugget takeaway items.

  4. Simple Call to Action

    Make purchases, inquiries or downloads simple and easy. Lead the viewer to action with clear instructions, concisely labeled buttons and immediate confirmations. Connect with viewers by using friendly Call to Action features.

  5. Intuitive User Interface

    Design your website navigation in a straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion, keeping the user in mind. Is it self explanatory? Can a child figure it out? Does it bring joy? Engage the user with a pleasant experience.

In these highly technical times, find inspiration in the human touch.

PS – For more Usability tips, check out: Why User Experience is Critical to Customer Relationships, and The Components of a High Usability Website.

(Image by clickwowdesigns)

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