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Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a photo composition with the Photoshop Mix blend feature.

select a photo:

photoshop mix original

For Color Cut-Out:

You’ll want 2 layers of the same photo. So, tap on your photo and duplicate it onto layer 2.
For the top layer go to: Looks > Ashen (grey)
Tap the check mark.
Then go to Cutout > Subtract slider (minus sign).
Rub the area with your finger to subtract it. This colorizes the area as the bottom color layer shows through. In my example, the blue flowers show through.
Tap the check mark.

For blend:


Add a photo to a 3rd layer. (rain)
Tap Blend > Overlay

photoshop mix blend screenshot

The resulting effect adds mysterious depth and shadows to the composition:

photoshop mix blend rain

Another composition:


I used clouds as the 3rd layer for this composition, which added more blue tints to the overall image.

photoshop mix blend cloud

PS – Here are some Photoshop Mix Looks filters applied to the original image.


photoshop mix summer


photoshop mix california


photoshop mix instant

Have fun with the Photoshop Mix app. What can you come up with? Share your beautiful creations with the world.


Adobe Photoshop Mix – Adobe – FREE on iTunes.

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