all that glitters

Although you may not appreciate glitter bombs, glitter is the bomb in my Photoshop arsenal.

Here’s how to make glitter text:

gold glitter pattern

  1. Open a glitter image. Select all.
  2. Go to Edit > Define Pattern > Name the pattern > OK.
  3. With a black foreground, type text using the text tool.
  4. Select the text layer in the layers palette.
  5. Go to Effects > Pattern Overlay.
  6. Select the glitter pattern in the dropdown menu.
  7. Make sure “Link with Layer” is checked. Scale at 100%. Keep all default settings. Hit OK.

You now have editable glitter text. You can change the copy without masking out the glitter or re-doing the effect.

This technique also works with shapes and smart objects by applying the glitter pattern overlay to them.

Furthermore, you can save the glitter pattern overlay to your Adobe CC Library and access it on any computer (Mac or PC) with your Adobe account. You can also share your glitter pattern overlay with colleagues through the cloud. Bye-bye flash-thumb drive.

Be part of the glitterati and glam up your web designs with glitter!


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