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Hans Margolius, quoted in A Toolbox for Humanity:

“Only in quiet waters
things mirror themselves undistorted.
Only in a quiet mind is
adequate perception of the world.”

Many cultures meditate. Practicing non-doing, or dolce far niente (“the sweetness of doing nothing,” as the Italians say) can actually boost productivity levels (and web design inspiration) in the long run.

How to Meditate – A Beginner’s Guide

  1. Sit quietly
  2. Think of nothing

If thoughts enter your mind, push them out. This takes practice. Sometimes focusing on a word, phrase, sound, or your breath helps block distracting thoughts. For example, repeating the phrase, “Thank you very much,” focuses your mind on one thing, making it difficult for stray thoughts to entertain you.

Furthermore, truly feeling grateful and giving earnest thanks to the universe, as you concentrate on the phrase, “Thank you very much,” opens your mind, body and spirit to the nature of giving, and in return prepares you to receive abundance from the universe. This exercise brings you closer to the creative source, expanding your consciousness.

Research suggests that innovative thinking and game changing ideas hatch from a relaxed mind. Clearing your mind of clutter and having a clean slate, provides a canvas on which to paint new creations (and web design solutions). So, take a little time to eliminate your thoughts, freeing your mind to a world of possibilities, potential and productivity. Practice “no thought” to rid “mind clot” and improve your lot. That’s HOT!

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