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Have you updated your iPad iOS software? Did your Apps disappear? Did you forget to synch and save your Apps on iTunes on your hard drive? Well, no worries. Here’s how to restore purchased iPad apps.

(Normally, your apps won’t disappear when you install iOS6)

First, here’s how to do an iOS Software Update

From your iPad go to:

Settings/General/Software Updates/Download & Install
Terms & Conditions/Agree
Software Update – Connect to Power Source/OK
Update Starts (20 minute download for iOS6)

iPad will restart itself

Option: iCloud Setup
Enter Apple ID Password
Terms & Conditions/Agree

Start using iPad

(I noticed that my iPad is brighter and faster with iOS6. Also, you may have to update your apps after downloading iOS6.)

Restore Purchased iPad Apps

Got to: App Store/Purchased (bottom right of screen)

All previously purchased and downloaded apps are listed here. Tap the cloud icon to restore your iPad apps to your tablet.

ipad purchased apps

Restore Purchased iPad iBooks

Go to: iBooks/Store (upper left)/Purchased (bottom right)

All previously downloaded and purchased books are listed here. Tap the cloud icon to restore your iPad iBooks to your book shelf.

Restore Purchased Music & Video

I’m sure restoring music and videos works the same way, but, I haven’t had to restore those yet. Fear Not! iPad is your friend.


iOS6 Tips and Hidden Features by Wired

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