ikea smorgasbord

During the Summer, I visited Ikea for their Smorgasbord Dinner. I enjoyed Swedish meatballs, smoked salmon and lingonberry juice. Afterward, I browsed the showroom and got inspired by some Ikea desks and work spaces. Do you need a new desk? How about a new work area or scrum room to inspire ah-ha web design moments? Here are a few desks and work spaces from the Ikea online catalog:

ikea workstation1

ikea workstation 2

ikea workstation 3

ikea workstation 4

ikea workstation 5

Find more inspirational furnishing ideas on the Ikea website.

ikea homepage

Ikea homepage

PS – I heard Ikea is expanding to India. I wonder if they will offer Swedish Smorgasbord to the Indian population?

ikea deserts

Ikea deserts


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