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With Crazy Egg, you can see where users click and determine the changes you need to make to increase conversion on your website.

Crazy Egg includes:

crazy egg heat map

Heat Map – at a glance, see the hot spots on a page.

crazy egg scroll map
Scroll Map – see how far users scroll and where their attention fades.

crazy egg overlay
Click-Tracking Overlay – see the percentage of visitors clicking on items.

crazy egg confetti
Confetti – see who clicks what for mapping the behavior of different traffic sources.

Crazy Egg offers free trials, including video tutorials, examples and telephone support. Just copy and paste your tracking code and select the page you want to analyze. Check it out – it’s fast and free!

PS – What do you thing of website tracking? Is it an invasion of privacy? Is it OK, as long as disclosure and op-out options are available? Should it be done only in test phases of a website? What are your thoughts?

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