mixer brush watercolor tool

Using the Adobe CS5 Photoshop Mixer Brush Tool, you can inspire your web designs with watercolor effects. Here’s a tutorial to transform a photographic image into a watercolor painting.

mixer brush watercolor tool beginning

  1. Start with a photo. How about a Fall Harvest Apple?
  2. Make a duplicate layer.
  3. Select the Mixer Brush Tool, found with the Brush Tool. Choose “Very Wet, Heavy Mix” from the drop down menu on the Option bar.
  4. mixer brush palette

  5. For this tutorial, paint over your duplicate layer with downward strokes. This mixes the colors in the photo, blending pixels next to each other, creating a paint like quality. Play with different brush shapes, sizes, and stroke techniques.

Do you think you can use the Mixer Brush Tool to create artwork for your website or blog? Paste a link in the comment section showing off your Photoshop watercolor masterpiece.

This tutorial discusses the use of the Adobe CS5 Photoshop Mixer Brush. But, what about the Justin Bieber Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush? Get it, just in time for Halloween! Keep those cavities at bay and the dentist away!

justin bieber toothbrush

Photo by: Anonymous Friend

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