jorge colombo

Jorge Colombo uses iPhone apps and his fingers to create amazing New York cityscapes. By watching his online videos, I got an idea of how he creates his pieces. First, he lays down the major color blocks, then progressively adds more layers of detail to his composition. With master strokes, swipes, and taps, Jorge captures the charm and vibrancy of the city. He has designed covers for the New Yorker magazine and has a book coming out Fall 2011, titled, “New York: Finger Paintings by Jorge Colombo.” Check out a few of his iPhone paintings:

Jorge Colombo 1

Jorge Colombo 2

Jorge Colombo 3

Jorge Colombo 4

Jorge Colombo 5

ascii booth appPS: Digital Art has come along way since the 80’s dot matrix printers and ASCII graphics! For old-school, nostalgia sake, you can download the app, ASCII Booth – Social Models LLC, which turns photos into ASCII-like, bitmap images, using your iPodTouch, iPhone or iPad.  Have Fun! Diversify your Photo Gallery!

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