living on purpose by dan millman

“Everything is unfolding as it must,
we are playing our role perfectly,
on track and on time.”

In Living on Purpose, Dan Millman gives fresh insights and personal guidance regarding work, parenting, health and spiritual issues. He says, “Our teachers may take the form of friends and adversaries – of clouds, animals, wind and water. Moment to moment our teachers reveal all we need to know. The question is, are we paying attention? When the student is ready, the teacher appears everywhere.”

Let this book inspire you on your path to becoming a web designer.

Each chapter contains exercises to help you get in touch with your heart’s desires. A few samples include:

  1. List three immediate purposes you wish to accomplish today
  2. List, in order of priority, three larger purposes, goals, or dreams you would like to accomplish this year, this decade, or this lifetime.
  3. List three mistakes or failures you have experienced.
  4. What have you learned from each mistake or failure that makes it more likely to succeed next time you face a similar situation?
  5. List three practical ways you might begin today, to simplify your life.

Write down your answers. Reflecting on these personal application exercises, gives clarity and helps solidify your goals and intentions.

Sometimes the daily grind interferes with what your soul wants you to hear. You lose focus, direction and balance. This book provides strategies for centering yourself, listening to the voice within, and living on purpose.

The purpose of life
is a life of purpose
– Robert Byrne

The mind asks the questions,
the heart has the answers
– Byron Katie

About the author:

Dan Millman,  a graduate of UC Berkeley, has written numerous books. He has traveled the world to various schools of martial arts and yoga. He currently gives motivational talks and seminars throughout the world.

Note: This book came to the reader, on purpose, through the happenstance of a used bookstore.



Living on Purpose – Dan Millman
Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

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