adobe eazel

nomad brush

Finger paint with the Adobe Eazel App. Or, for a more refined experience, apply and control the “wet” paint on the iPad canvas with the Nomad Brush Stylus. Painting with Eazel feels realistically fluid, with colors blending and mixing together. Achieve watercolor effects with ease.

After finishing your artwork, use a wireless connection to sync it to Photoshop CS5, as a layer. Or, email your creation to yourself or a friend.

Using Photoshop, you can touch-up, add text, or embellish your artwork further with graphic elements.

Wish List, possible upgrade ideas:

  • Ability to import photos or Adobe Illustrator vector files, to use as templates (like the old “Paint-By-Number” kits)
  • Ability to import custom paint palettes

It seems Adobe’s main competition is Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, which appears very technical and professional grade. Eazel, on the other hand, operates on a simplistic, intuitive level. All in all…loads of fun!

Adobe┬« Eazel for Photoshop┬« – Adobe
SketchBook Pro for iPad – Autodesk Inc.

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