Springet Essence15

From An Acceptable Time, by Madeleine L’Engle:

“The lines between the stars are reflected
in the lines between the sacred places
and in the lines that cross time to join people.”

I love stargazing on a warm summer night, in the desert, where twinkling gems grace the midnight sky. Even more dramatic is seeing a bright, full moon glowing above, shedding wisdom across the universe. I love Mike Springet’s use of midnight black, which adds depth and mystery to his compositions. Check out Mike’s paintings:

Springet Essence16

Springet Element2

Springet Essence

Springet Equate1

Can you create websites inspired by black? Check out my pin board, inspired by one of Mike’s paintings, called, “Midnight Black.”


Black websites
Hex Color tool – Lighten and darken hex colors

(image credit: capstone art)

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