fall 2011 banner

Fall brings many changes as leaves dramatically turn color, the air becomes crisp and cool, and daylight shortens. Fall also brings many activities like the start of a school year, football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

To highlight fun, fall festivities, inspire your blog or web design with this fall banner.

Here are the Mixer Brush settings to get that bristle brush, rough edge effect used in the example above:

Mixer Brush:

Very Wet, Light Mix:
Wet: 100%
Load: 50%
Mix: 0%
Flow: 100%

Brush Presets:

Size: 50px
Angle: 0%
Roundness: 100%
Spacing: 5%

photoshop brush palette

What’s your favorite fall activity? Can you incorporate a fall banner into your blog or web design? Use the Photoshop CS5 brush options. Play with them. Inspire your own creations.

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