moustache mania
As Ajahn Chah once said,

“Looking for peace is like
looking for a turtle with a mustache:
You won’t be able to find it.
But when your heart is ready,
peace will come looking for you.”

Celebrate Father’s Day with “Moustache Mania,” a collection of mustache items that I curated from Etsy. Do you like mustaches? Have you noticed Moustache Mania on the web? Do you know why mustaches are so popular these days?

moustache clipart 2

moustache fabric

moustache mold

moustache cup

moustache straw

moustache pillow

moustache keep calm

moustache plush

moustache sticker pack

moustache cell phone case

PS – I found more Moustaches and pinned them on Pinterest.


CSS Creatures – with mustaches
Stacheify – Apptly LLC

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